Woman passionate about children opens-up learning centre

Nomsa Dlamini from Kwa-Thema, Marikana is a passionate young woman who is currently studying an ECD course. She recently opened a learning centre called Buhlebemfundo Learning Centre for children in her community.

Dlamini revealed that her love for children made her start this initiative as it makes her happy. She also added saying that she used to teach in a Sunday school every Sunday at her church and that’s where some of the children’s parents in her centre encouraged her to start a learning centre. “I’ve always loved kids and I think most parents saw this when I was teaching their children at the Sunday school. Parents would often come to me concerned about how their kids are in high grades yet they don’t know how to read simple words that a mere grade 1 learner should know. They asked me to intervene and I saw where these kids lack, it means that some teachers push these kids to higher grades knowing very well that they struggle. For instance, I once took a grade 2 learners book and gave it to a grade 4 learner to read and she just couldn’t. That alerted me that these kids need my help. I teach them Maths, English, Life Skills and isiZulu. I observe each and every child and spot where they lack, and then I try to help,” murmured Dlamini.

The passionate young woman also mentions how it was difficult for her to get the kids to learn during her first week and she adds that she had to come up with different teaching methods. “I have an alphabet song for my grade 1’s. I also try to be practical when I teach Maths so that it becomes easier for them to understand,” beamed Dlamini. She stated how fun it is for these kids to learn in groups as they are more confident in groups rather than when they are individuals. She mentions how their self-esteem somehow grows when they’re all together learning. “There are some kids who weren’t confident when they came here, I teach them words then we write tests after and I’d have challenges where kids just write their names and not the spelling words, but I always encouraged them that they should try and I tell them that we’re all here to learn. I’m glad they understand that and the sweets I give them after motivates them to do better,” said Dlamini.

The passionate young woman attests that she is currently doing a level 4 qualification in ECD and will soon open her own crèche. “I use most of my stationery at the moment and it’s not much but as long as we have pencils and papers to write on, then I’m okay. I believe someday things will be better and I hope these kids will be successful someday because education is the key to success. I’m glad that I’m part of their successful journey,” concluded Dlamini.

By Palesa Ndinisa

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