A farmer keeps her family’s conventional farming culture alive

A young woman keeps her family’s conventional farming culture alive as she decided to take her farming expertise to the next level by forming a formal agricultural company in 2019.

She used the seeds that she was given by her mother as a gift to establish her organic farming organisation called Nanloy Organic Farm.

Nandi Mkhwanazi confided to the people’s No: 1 choice newspaper declaring that she instituted the organic farming business to sustain food and to be a solution to the economical dreadful situation that continues to ravage the South African country.

Mkhwanazi also indicated that farming isn’t a foreign concept to her because they always had a plantation garden at her home.

She explained in great detail saying, “We always had a garden at home, so growing my own food is not a foreign concept to me, I have learned this all my life, however farming for me is a calling, it is a special gift given to me by God. Therefore with my farming ability I want to create a legacy that will outlive me, but put my family’s name on the map, what inspired my path is my desire to effect change and I enjoy turning small things into extraordinary things.

“As an individual, I’m eager to learn and my path has granted me an opportunity to learn something new every day. I want young people to know that through farming they can generate wealth; and there are a lot of opportunities in the field. It is mandatory to add value to whatever you produce as a farmer, because it can enable your agribusiness to be highly recommended and demanded in the global spectrum. We also need to embrace technology because it can easily foresee problems before they become problems in our agricultural businesses.

“I have also learned that seeking direction and counsel from the lord is very important because it will grant you resilience along with the ability to adapt to any changes in your path as person. “Recently I have been selected by the Participatory Guarantee Systems SA (PGSSA) to be their Ecological Organic Agriculture Pollinator, but only 23 people were selected in our country, the selection process was rigorous, and only competent candidates with a proven strong track record were selected to partake in the project. The project aims to fast-track the adoption of organic farming practices in the Southern African region and it also aims to promote local organic farming.

“PGSSA plays a pivotal role in encouraging people to use their land as a network system to advance food security by ensuring that there’s an open healthy food market that brings farmers from different countries together in one unique umbrella,” Mkhwanazi expressed.

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

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