Ntsinini’s sells natural healing herbs

Tisha Ntsinini (28) from Villa Liza established her own wellness and self-care business; Yoni Smash SA Pty Ltd in 2019.

After the birth of her daughter, Ntsinini was inspired to seek alternative natural remedies for healing.”I would say Yoni steaming has always been a practice in my family, growing up I used to suffer from bad period pains and my grandmother would make me sit on a bucket of warm water with herbs in it to relieve me of the pain. I didn’t understand why but I know it worked,” explained Tisha. She started her research in 2018 and only sold her first bottle of steaming herbs in March 2020. She learned how to craft soaps, candles, and tea blends to expand her products.

Tisha started her business with R500 to make the first batch of yoni steaming blends. That gave her a profit of R2000 which allowed her to add more products to her product range. Yoni Smash’s products are appropriate for 16-year-olds (sixteen) and above but are not to be used by pregnant women. When she started her business the biggest obstacle Ntsinini had to overcome was brand awareness because people lacked knowledge of what yoni steaming is and there was or still is a stigma around it.

Tisha manufactures her products from scratch by incorporating locally cultivated herbs and creating the correct blend for a specific purpose, as each blend requires particular herbs to stimulate the healing process. When Ntsinini first went into the yoni steaming business her friends were sceptical of her business venture. “My friends raised their eyebrows in the beginning because of the stigma surrounding the vaginal area, but as I started educating them about my business and offered them to test my products the support grew based on testimonials and the pleasing results that my products granted them as women,” Tisha said.

As it is heritage month Yoni Smash SA will celebrate the holiday by offering a 10% discount on all purchases from their website www.yonismash.co.za from 24-25 September 2021. “I feel that heritage day allows us to learn more about various cultures not only in South Africa, but the African continent at large,” Tisha expressed.

Ntsinini is self-taught in her business niche but has a qualification and experience in Accounting which equips her with the correct tools to operate a business. You can check Yoni Smash’s social media platforms on Instagram and TikTok @ yoni_smashh, on Facebook @ Yonismashh, or email: info@yonismash.co.za. Yoni Smash products are available for purchase at Makro, and on the Yoni Smash website. Yoni Smash products will also be sold on Takealot from 15 September 2021.

By Karabo Lekgwate

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