A movement formed on religious principles to contest in upcoming polls

A movement founded on religious principles, called the Independent Citizens Movement was unveiled in the City of Ekurhuleni today in Hope Restoration Ministries church at Kempton Park.

The newly formed movement will be contesting in the upcoming polls under the leadership of the former Ekurhuleni Chief Operation Officer (COO), Joe Mojapelo.

During the ceremonious launch, the movement introduced its mayoral candidate in the City of Ekurhuleni, Chris Mathebula who is the reverend of Hope Restoration Ministries church.

Joe Mojapelo adamantly said, “We are not a political party but a movement founded on religious principles, we are a movement of ethical leaders hence we will never elect any person who doesn’t deserve a leadership position to be our leader. Our movement consists of people who are professionals, not politicians.

“We went out looking for people who have a servanthood attitude to represent our movement in the 112 wards that we have in Ekurhuleni, and in our movement, we want people who are already doing something positive in their communities to assume leadership roles. They also have to adhere to our constitution as a party, lastly, we want people to give us a chance to control our Ekurhuleni municipality then they can measure us based on that,” he expressed.

Initially, the mayoral candidate of the party, Reverend Chris Mathebula divulged more about his ideal purpose in taking up this patriotic responsibility. “My ideal purpose in Jumping into this responsibility is to redeem hope, I love this country and I’m keen to do good for this country, I was left worried for a while when I asked my children what are their future plans and they replied to me saying that they want to leave this country because there’s a high rate of rape, corruption, crime, and unemployment.

“I replied to them saying that Moses took up the burdening responsibility of leading the Israelites to liberation when he was tasked by God, so advised them by saying that we as people we must follow in Moses’s footsteps by being patriotic citizens of the country. Our movement has registered on IEC,” Mathebula divulged.

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

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