An awareness campaign held against bullying, substance abuse

The South African country is reeling over the bullying and substance abuse crises that are taking place in their schools, mostly secondary schools. Learners are at risk amongst each other, they are most likely to be bullying each other, and most ordeals lead to deaths. Schools are meant to be a safe haven for learners, a place of learning, a place where their dreams are fulfilled. It’s a place which is meant for young people to pursue their dreams and discover what they want in life and what they want to achieve and who they really are.

It is of course for concern as most learner’s safety is jeopardized by some pupils with anger issues. What worsen things is that elicit substances are mostly among pupils in schools around the country, both primary and high schools.

The Duduza SAPS together with the Department of Community Safety visited the Thagalang Primary to sensitize learners in grade 7 against bullying and substance abuse.

The police spoke to learners on dangers of bullying and highlighted on relation between substance abuse, robbery and bullying and how negative these acts can impact the future of learners.

Parents are urged to be involved in their children lives to try at least to prevent the challenges that are currently faced within our schools.

By Vuyokazi Bam

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