Business owners cough out their issues during a sitting organised by the City

The MMC of Finance and Economic Development Doctor Nkosindiphila Xhakaza along with the MMC of Water and Energy Tiisetso Nketle and various HODs in their departments initiated a sitting on September 21, which sought to address the problems that are faced by various businesses within the City of Ekurhuleni.

Steve Lewis who attended the sitting as a Director of a manufacturing company called Hotforge, indicated to the City’s dignitaries that most manufacturing companies in the City are struggling to compete on a global scale because of the high electricity and water tariffs that are instituted by City, “We as the manufacturing industry are using water and electricity in high volumes, and the high tariffs of the City are hindering our progress, so we are pleading with the City to reduce those tariffs because it is very difficult for us to survive or compete on a global market, “Lewis divulged.

Xhakaza responded by saying, “As the City we will work with the manufacturing sector to come up with a fair billing system that will surely reduce the electricity and water tariffs in your industry, we are surely coming up with programmes that seek to enable a progressive economy and to do that we must listen to you as the business industry captains, what you have said Mr. lewis is noted by us as the City, we will come up with a firm solution.”

Lihle Ndzelu the Divisional Head of Revenue and Management in the Finance and Economic Development department, added more stating that, “The City has established a new revenue system called KIA, which is meant for different business in the City, within the system the City aims to improve its business liaising platforms. In the evaluation roll section businesses that are willing to object their billing outcomes can use it, but within a timeframe of 30 days after they have received their statements, if the time frame lapses the objections won’t be accepted by the City,” Ndzelu clarified.

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

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