Frustrated funeral cover clients of B3 voiced out their dissatisfactions at the Benoni Branch

The B3 Funeral Cover clients voiced out their displeasures concerning their unpaid funeral cover claims at the Benoni B3 branch on the 7th of October 2021.

Clients didn’t want to hear any stories; they all wanted their funeral cover claims as per the contractual agreement when they signed up for the funeral cover.

One of the fuming clients Thekiso said, “I buried my grandmother on the 4th of September than in behalf of the family I began claiming then I was assisted by Mduduzi who is working at B3’s claiming department then he refereed me to Nomonde then Nomonde referred me to some other lady then she tried to help me but she couldn’t and they kept on saying that there’s a backlog of Covid-19, after that I called the branch manager and he directed me back to Nomonde who is an administrator or a manager I don’t know, then she said definitely by Thursday I will get my money, which is two weeks back, and I waited up until I decided to come to the Benoni Branch by myself. I had to fly in last night at 12am to come and fix this claiming thingy because my Mother and uncle have been waiting for the money.”

We all rely on our funeral cover to help us bury our loved ones by giving us back our money that we invested for them, we all expect nothing but the best from our funeral covers because we all want to show respect to our deceased family members. Another client who wanted to remain anonymous told Ekurhuleni News that she claimed on the 22nd of September “ I’ve called Mduduzi to email me the forms but he didn’t send them, eventually we had to go to one of their branches in Diepkloof (Soweto) to get the forms, once we got the forms we filled them in at the branch then a lady who goes by the name of Khanyisile who assisted us managed to submit them, on Saturday when I followed up they said it’s fine by Monday the money will be in, but when I called them on that Monday they said they don’t find my papers, unfortunately, they were not submitted, I came over here last week then we did the submission again then they said it’s been approved on their side, and by Friday I should receive the money the latest would be Monday or Tuesday, on Wednesday when I called I they told me about their list and if my name was not on that list the underwriter hasn’t approved my payment, I’ve been here since from 10:20 this morning.”

Ekurhuleni News’ Journo went inside the B3 branch in Benoni to hear their side of the story unfortunately no one wanted to step forward to comment instead they told the receptionist to inform the Journalist that they are busy with their clients. It was difficult for the frustrated clients and they concluded by saying “when they take money from our bank accounts during the month they don’t experience any problems, but when it is our turn to claim we are told a lot of things.”

By Vusumuzi Makwakwa

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