October is known as the audiology awareness month worldwide

The month of October is known as the National Audiology Awareness Month. During this month audiologists increase their visibility and they go all out to teach the public about audiology in schools, clinics, hospitals, and even on social media.

These awareness campaigns are made to teach the public and to reduce the stigma surrounding hearing impairment with the primary purpose of making the public to recognise those with hearing loss.

A third-year audiology student of the University of Pretoria, Refilwe Mochoa clarified to Ekurhuleni News about the services they provide as audiologists and how they help patients who are diagnosed by them.

“Audiology is still unknown in South Africa but it is gradually gaining momentum. It is therefore important that we have a National Audiology Awareness Month, so we can inform and educate people about the medical concept, and within that drive, we will even explain to people about who we are and what we do as audiologists,”

“We teach them how to safely take care of their ears and the consequences of not doing so. These talks are appropriate for pregnant women and elderly people, everyone is welcome to receive services from us,” said Mochoa.

She further said they offer hearing screening for children who might be at risk of experiencing hearing loss, they assess adults comprehensively for hearing loss, balance disorders, and they even provide medical services to those who are inserted cochlear implants (hearing equipment).

Mochoa explained that many hearing losses are caused by damages to tiny sensory receptors or hair cells in the ear. The damage can be caused by too much noise, and it is permanent; however, people can simply avoid noise to prevent this damage.

She stressed the fact that people need to take care of their ears by simply getting audiologists who will assess their hearing capacity. Four main ways of protecting your hearing capacity are as follows:

E- Use earplugs

A- Avoid loud sounds

R- Reduce the level of sounds

S- Shorten time in loud environments

Simphiwe Nkosi

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