Two boys gang up on their sick father

Clement Sekelenyane, a 58-year-old man from Vosloorus is harassed by his two sons, Tokoloho Sekelenyane (27) and Reabetswe Sekelenyane (22).

The 58-year-old states that he used to stay in Dawn Park with his wife and two sons but after they divorced apparently with his now ex-wife, he decided to buy a house instead of going back home to live with his mom, even though he had separated with his wife he continued to do his fatherly duties. “I am disabled. I underwent unfortunate circumstances when I was still married and as a result, I had a stroke and got disabled due to stress. When I moved to Vosloorus, I stayed about 3 years without my kids visiting or checking up on me and suddenly, one day they came and I was so happy because I thought we are finally bonding after a long time. Although my kids didn’t visit me, I made sure that I supported them by paying their school fees. One day we had a braai and a few drinks. My neighbours were there as well as my kids and their friends, little did I know that they had an agenda as they wanted me to sign a document claiming it was pertaining to Reabetswe’s school issues whereas it was a restraining order against my niece,” added Clement.

He adds to say that he has always been a family man as he loved his niece, Omphile as his own. The complaint says that indeed he signed the document without reading it as he trusted his children but that was just the beginning of the war. “My boys knew how close I am to Omphile because she plays a huge role in my life. They were jealous and angry after I bought her a car, they claimed that she was exploiting me. I didn’t know they had malicious intentions because I thought we were all fine. I trusted them. They then took my ID, my important documents such as my house’s title deed and my bank cards saying everything will be safe with them as they will buy me groceries every month since I’m disabled but when I would ask for groceries, they would claim my account has no money or make excuses. Still, I trusted them and did not think of anything evil. It got worse when they tricked me into signing a document that declared that I was transferring my house to them. I found out all about their ways and made a temporary ID, I went to the bank, I found out that they are withdrawing money from my account without my permission, they took loans under my name and they also used my credit card recklessly. But I managed to make arrangements with my bank concerning the issue and I ended up getting new bank cards. After they discovered all of this, they harassed me, assaulted me verbally and physically, demanding my money and it was scary to me. I’ve never seen anything like that,” expressed Sekelenyane in frustration.

Clement says he filed for a protection order against his children but they have violated the order by forcefully jumping into his property with strangers in the hope of selling the house. “They’ve told me to stay at the old age home multiple times because they don’t want me to know their evil doings but I refused. I’m scared for my life. Currently, my neighbours know what is happening and they’re also protecting me but it’s not enough,” concluded Sekelenyane.

The newspaper contacted Tokoloho Sekelenyane regarding this issue but he said he can’t comment on anything without his lawyer

By Palesa Ndinisa

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