Tsakane residents share their plans for the December holidays

Residents of Tsakane express their plans for the upcoming December holidays. Grandma Alphina Mthombeni along with her granddaughter Sbahle and a neighbour Makhosonke Jama share their goals as well as their New Year resolutions.

With coronavirus still affecting people, grandma Alphina Mthombeni from Tsakane says she cannot wait for these holidays so she can spend time with her grandchildren and her children because she had a hectic year. “I can’t wait to spend time with my children and grandkids! Both my kids stay far from me due to their jobs. One stays in Cape Town and my other child stays in Switzerland. I pray the president doesn’t tighten the travelling lockdown restrictions because I would love to spend time with my family. Me and my husband we get bored during the year, so holidays excite us because we get to bond with our whole family and be merry,” added Mthombeni.

Sbahle Mthombeni an 18-year-old declared that these holidays will do her good as they will enable her to relax after the tough matric year she has had. “I can’t wait for the holidays to come. I’m exhausted because of school and its complications. I need a break. I want to spend the holidays with my whole family. I get to see my mom twice or thrice a year since she stays in Switzerland and I miss her so much. I’m planning to Immigrate to Switzerland as well and see if there will be any job opportunities for me there or hopefully study further when arriving there. The things that keep me anxious are the results and the ongoing exams but I’ve studied hard and I know my grandmother’s prayers will help me,” exclaimed Sbahle with a beam.

Moreover, Makhosonke Jama, a 28-year-old shares his sentiments and states that he hopes the president does not tighten the lockdown restrictions, “I pray that the president doesn’t impose hard restrictions as he did last year. It’s amazing that during elections there were no rising cases of the virus but now that the elections are over, Covid cases are rising. I find that very baffling. My only worry is the banning of the sale of alcohol. If that would happen, I would be depressed and my holidays would be ruined. The president should be lenient with us. We voted and the ANC is still the ruling and the leading party in South Africa. He must reward us by not banning alcohol at all because some of us love our beverages, they make us happy,” uttered Jama.

In conclusion, people are advised to drink responsibly during the upcoming holidays, to be safe, practice social distancing and wear masks at all times.

By Palesa Ndinisa

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