Benoni SAPS enforces law

The festive high-density operation has officially started in the area of Benoni, the Benoni SAPS conducted operations in various parts of Benoni on November 19, from 4 pm to 11 pm.

The operation was conducted in partnership with the Ekurhuleni District Policing Forum, EMPD, patrollers, reservists, immigration officers and local security companies (ADT, Graphite Armed Response, Mamba, National Security and Fire, Raid Security, Fidelity Services Group, Makopano Solutions Group, Blue Honk Tactical and AAA Security).

Benoni SAPS station commander Brig Thabo Mphuthi said during the festive season there are a number of criminal activities especially bank robberies, cash-in-transit heists and house robberies.

“We are going to saturate Benoni working closely with the other stakeholders to ensure that the crime that the community is complaining about gets resolved especially in Snake road and Tom Jones as it has been revealed on social media that there have been incidents of rock-throwing there,” said Mphuthi.

“We will ensure that there is no stone that will be left unturned. We want to send a message to the criminals that their space will be squeezed. We will also ensure that the residents feel safe because that is our responsibility.”

The station commander gave a word of advice to the community of Benoni, that they should apply to prioritise safety this festive season; by taking care of each other and their properties. She mentioned that as we are heading to Black Friday, residents of the area should destroy the boxes of the items they have purchased because when they put them in the dustbin they are likely to inform the criminals that there are new goods in their houses.

“Also look after your children because kids are kidnapped lately. Let’s protect them and ensure that whatever we do, we do it responsibly and we are aware of what is happening around us,” she added.

Benoni CPF’s chairman Dr Reza Patel advised the community to ensure that when they go to the malls they should show off because that attracts criminals. Take note of everyone in your environment and wherever you will be going to.

“Have a safe festive season and ensure that you take all the necessary precautions and take care of each other,” he said.

Within the operation four were arrested for drunk driving, 26 for being illegal immigrants, three for selling liquor without licenses, 50 people and 20 vehicles were searched, 10 liquor outlets were visited and four were closed down.

By Simphiwe Nkosi

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