A young woman brutally murdered by her boyfriend in Thokoza

As the country continues to fight the scourge of Gender-Based Violence against women and children, another young woman from Thokoza has been brutally murdered by her boyfriend.

Ayanda Kubheka (25) from Thokoza, Ntabantsimbi was brutally murdered by her partner in Extension 2, Thokoza, on the 26th of November 2021, where they rented a room together. It is said that they have been dating for more than five years. Ayanda was working at Shoprite Checkers at the Mall of the South. She has been working there since she finished her matric. She leaves behind her two elder sisters who are 35 and 31 as she was the last born in her family.

According to Ayanda’s father Douglas Kubheka, they received a call from a person who was the couple’s neighbour informing them that they have to come where their daughter is renting.

“The call came at around 8 pm on Friday, on the 26th of November, they informed us that something has happened. We waited for the car to take us there when we got there at around 9 pm, there were police officers and an ambulance. I was with my two daughters and my other family members along with my sister and elder brother. We went to her room where we saw her body with her head nearly chopped off holding by the neck skin with wounds in her back of the upper body,” said Douglas Kubheka.

The landlord where Ayanda was staying with her boyfriend mama Thembi Zulu says she is still shocked and traumatised by what happened as she wasn’t expecting it.

“The couple started staying in my yard in 2019 and it was Ayanda who approached me looking for a room to rent and she told me she had a partner. Three days after moving in I saw her boyfriend and I got used to them and I called them “The couple” because they seemed like they loved each other even though they are not perfect. They had their disagreement but it was not happening all the time, the last time they had an argument I promised to kick them out and I called the police they apologised and it was last year and from there on I treated them like my own children.

“The day this happened they were chilling in the garage with my older son but later on they went to their room, thereafter my son and daughter in law who were in the kitchen heard Ayanda screaming and a bang in her window. When they went out to check what was happening, the suspect responded by saying everything is fine Ayanda was busy with his phone but she didn’t want to give him his phone back. My daughter in law called Ayanda’s name but she did not respond the boyfriend didn’t want to open the door. My son said he is calling the police because they don’t hear Ayanda’s voice. I went inside the house left them however my daughter-in-law didn’t go inside she remained outside. As soon as we got inside the house we heard their door opening quickly and my daughter inlaw screamed when she saw blood and the suspect jumped the wall and fled the scene while my two sons tried to go after him but they couldn’t catch him as he disappeared next to Buyafuthi hostel,” said Thembi Zulu.

The boyfriend is rumoured to be from Kwa Nongoma in KwaZulu Natal where he is suspected to have fled to after committing this brutal crime.

The Thokoza police station’s communication officer Captain Buyi Mvelase confirmed that a murder case has been opened and the police are investigating it.

“On the 26 of November in the evening, it is alleged that an argument occurred between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. The argument resulted in the boyfriend stubbing the girlfriend several times in the body. The 25-year-old woman by the name Ayanda Kubheka died on the scene and the suspect Sandile Magwaza fled the scene after stabbing and killing Ayanda. The case of murder was opened at Thokoza police station and the community is urged to assist the police with the whereabouts of the suspects or information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect. They can contact 011 906 8600 or remain anonymous on 10111,” said Captain Mvelase.

“The person who did this deserves to die in jail he is not a human being he doesn’t deserve to live with other human beings,” concluded the 54-year-old grieving father Douglas Kubheka. The family has been receiving support from various community members and movements in these trying times. Ward 54 councillor Thabo Thupa promised the family to follow up with the case to make sure it doesn’t disappear in the thin air. Loxion Fm also promised to provide donations for the family. And the ANC SRC also donated groceries. Ayanda is going to be laid to rest this week on Wednesday,8 December at 11:00 am. The funeral service is going to be held at her family home at 1249 Mbele street, Thokoza.

By Lubabalo Roro

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