Say goodbye to hangovers with Geen Babalazi

T.Tshephe the founder and owner of Geen Babalazi explained in detail saying that Geen Babalazi is a multivitamin beverage that boosts the immune system and it also reduces alcohol levels in the human body.

The idea of Geen Babalazi came about when Tshephe a chemical engineer had a plan to mitigate accidents and road fatalities by improving the daily functionality of human bodies. The production of this unique beverage is done in Midrand and Heidelberg. Tshepang Maqabe the brand manager of the company explained that the beverage has vitamin properties that go through the bloodstream to reduce fatigue, alcohol levels and improve the capacity of the brain. “There’s a gap in the market for a product like Geen Babalazi. It’s the first in Africa. In South Africa, we have a population of 60.14 million and more than fifty (50) percent of the population consume alcohol and have alcohol-related side effects that Geen Babalazi can cure,” Tshepang asserted.

As the brand manager Maqabe is required to oversee the marketing strategies for the product, to advertise the beverage Tshepang feels that fieldwork, digital social spaces, word of mouth, and using publications such as Ekurhuleni News is effective for business. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the company had to stop sales, but they are slowly growing and trying to move into the commercial spaces. “As a company, we give back to the community. Geen Babalazi has hundreds of distributors around South Africa so we are creating jobs and contributing to small businesses,” Tshepang shared.

Thaphelo’s goal for his business is to grow the business not only in South Africa but globally. Ultimately he would like to add another range of beverages. “For the future the business expects huge growth going into 2022, a new packaging design and for the product to be sold in convenient stores globally,” Tshepang concluded. To learn more about Geen Babalazi you can visit their socials @ geenbabalazi01 on Instagram and Facebook.

By Karabo Lekgwate

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