Daveyton Mall’s CSI project aids the community

Daveyton Mall’s Centre Management team initiated a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project to improve the lives of the community members of Daveyton and through that initiative, they also wanted to show appreciation to the community of Daveyton for consistently supporting Daveyton mall.

The project aided 400 individuals from the community of Daveyton including two NPO’S in the Daveyton area namely, Black Child It’s Possible and Zwakala Community Development Centre. The campaign took place at Daveyton Mall wherein shoppers had the opportunity to fill in the registration index and pick either a personal hygiene pack or a baby pack or a dignity pack (female products) or a basic meal pack that contains powder food products.

Daveyton Mall’s Marketing Manager said that in their effort of giving back, they wish to show support to the community and they also want to improve the relationship with the shoppers and show them that they care for their wellbeing.

“The reason we decided to establish this initiative is that we noticed that a lot of people were affected during the looting period. Some companies closed for a while, people lost their jobs and other employees didn’t get their full salaries,” said the Marketing Manager.

She further explained, saying with all that has happened without excluding the damages that were caused by the looting phase the community still came back and assisted them in cleaning the mall and restoring it.

“We are trying to say thank you to the community and we are trying to show them that we are with them during these tough times, to show our appreciation we thought we should help out where we can and reach out to them.”

The beneficiary of the project, Mongezi Ramapulane was very ecstatic when he received the food parcels and he also mentioned that this initiative will help out a lot of people during this festive season.“It is a gracious act for the mall to do such a thing, they were not obliged to do it but because they saw a need to do it they indeed did it, they extended their helping hand and for that we are grateful,” said Mongezi.

The food packs landed on the doorstep of the #Black Child It’s Possible and they surely made a difference at the centre as they have already instituted their own drive for Christmas.

“We are very excited to receive the donation it will go a long way in assisting the community through the provision of food to some disadvantaged families. We hope their Christmas won’t be the same,” said the Founder of #Black Child It’s Possible, Elsie Mkhwanazi.

She further showed gratitude by saying that they really appreciate the effort which was done by the mall, however, they would like to follow in their footsteps because as an organisation they look up to them and they hope to work with them in the near future.

Simphiwe Nkosi

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