A young budding entrepreneur on a ladder to generational wealth

It’s always a good idea to become a generation that cuts off generational despair and misfortunes, a way that helps correct injustices of the past, creating opportunities for the less fortunate and still being wealthy enough to take something back home.

 Life has its way of showing you which path to take, sometimes we insist on doing things our way but eventually, we always go back to our purpose. Born in Emthatha raised in Eastern Cape and moved to Benoni in 2001 is a 26years old, Sikelela Vunguvungu, who is a hard worker, dedicated and determined individual who is very much goal orientated and laser-focused.

Sikelela is a self-made entrepreneur, who understands business and the stigma and value that hard work brings. Sometimes being an employee is not always an option for most. He started the business in 2016 towards the end of his studies and the beginning of his professional career. “I was actually facing possibilities of unemployment because my employer was not sure about taking me as a permanent employee.”

We Are Wring Electrical Solutions is a 100% black-owned BEE Level 1 company that was founded by a highly skilled and trained Electrician. The company in its vast nature offers fault finding, wiring installation, inspection and testing, Electrical Installations (Industrial and commercial) and much more. 

His first career choice was to become a Pilot as he is a travel enthusiast. 

He further went on to explain that at that time he couldn’t afford the fees, which led him to opt for engineering. “My biggest motivator that helped me keep my business afloat was the realization that life is difficult without money. We all need money to fulfil our needs but I had a child as a teenager and I realized I needed to give her more than just a present Father but add a cherry of wealth on top and be able to provide her with whatever life she desires.”

Businesses, more often than not, especially at the beginning, requires a lot of patience and trust that your goal and vision is as clear as broad daylight. The entrepreneur would like for his business to reach a larger market, e.g, business parks, shopping centres, industrial parks and government work. 

“I would advise upcoming business owners to do thorough research, get the right resources and tools and fix your client base. Always thrive for growth. Be different, a lot of us are doing the same thing and there are a lot of clients that are looking for business-minded people willing to assist unique business ideas to come to light.”  info@wearewiring.co.za www.wearewiring.co.za

Kutlwano Mofokeng

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