Well done class of 2017

Article by: Lerato Mafifi

It is an undeniable fact that education is a necessity, a right according to our constitution, however it remains a privilege to many. This becomes so evident when thousands of young South Africans are unable to study due to lack of finances. Six thousand, eight hundred and five (6805) centres participated in the 2017 NSC examination and a large number of these centres are public schools. Matriculants have worked hard in order to achieve the success that they are celebrating today, however a great concern still remains in the minds of many on whether or not these learners are fully equipped to meet the demands that are required from them at a tertiary institution level.

Fear resides in the minds of many regarding the standard of education in South Africa. It is almost as if the standard continuously bends in order to accommodate learners who are not willing to go the extra mile. This leaves a feeling of doubt and uncertainty on whether or not these matriculants can tackle the real world of tertiary. Learners should be cautioned that it's not enough to just meet the set requirements, however it is imperative for them to be taught an attitude of excellence because it doesn't only apply in matric, an attitude of excellence is one that should be carried out throughout life's journey. Provincial matric result pass rate have been released and they are as follows:

Free state: 86.1%
Gauteng: 85.1
Western Cape: 82.8%
North West: 79.4%
Northern Cape: 75.6%
Mpumalanga: 74.8%
Kwazulu Natal: 72.9%
Limpopo: 65.6%
Eastern Cape: 65.0%
Freestate stands as the top achiever, followed by Gauteng. Well done to all provinces, well done class of 2017