Recovery of illicit smokes valued at R2.4 million

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On Thursday (04 Jan) afternoon the EMPD Public Order Policing Task Team members received information about the off-loading of a huge quantity of illicit cigarettes taking place in Lenasia. A prompt response on the part of the POPs Task Team members resulted in the recovery of two-hundred and forty-eight (248) master boxes of different brands of illicit cigarettes at house-cum- tuck shop. On arrival at the address in Zacharia Park on Drove Street furnished by informants, the POPs Unit members uncovered 119 boxes in the garage, 44 in the dining room, 20 in two bedrooms, 58 in the backroom and 07 in the tuck shop. The estimated value of the discovered illicit cigarettes is R2.4 million.

No arrests were made. The confiscated illicit cigarettes were booked in at Lenasia police station. Meanwhile, three days earlier on 30 December also in Lenasia, the POPs Unit members had effected two arrests when the suspects were found in possession of a huge quantity of illicit cigarettes. The case docket was registered at Lenasia police station.