Teletxang it’s ChantRap

Pic by: Goitsemang Maroga

Article by: Goitsemang Maroga

A much anticipated ChantRap EP was launched on the 30th of December 2017 at Crystal Park, Ekurhuleni. The EP was released on the 25th of December 2017, making it a Christmas gift for the ChantRap fans. Launch theme was a picnic, pool party set-up with nice music and great performances from Mochene and supporting acts. ChantRap is a unique rap sound that fuses Rap and Sepedi chant songs. Kholofelo Mashilo who was previously known as Dizzy Man Ape had to relaunch himself as Mochene after he found who he was and what he wanted in this music industry. And that’s when the birth of Chantrap started “ChantRap started off as a random style which I wanted to create. I found the need to tell my stories in my Home language which is Sepedi. I started working on this EP in 2015 and finally released it on the 25th of December 2017” Mochene Explained.

Mochene said he has worked with a number of producers to make this EP possible “I worked with different producers that I am familiar with, producer’s likes of B’ma, 24 Inches and Dope Beats. ChantRap is a fresh different sound which speaks to everyone. People find it easy to relate to and their response and support means a lot” Mochene said. Dart Photographer and Delenor were the main photographers at the event, documenting the celebration of the launch and the ChantRap listening session “Mochene and I are best friends and it is such an honor to see him flourish in his craft. I am very glad that he finally released this EP, ChantRap takes me on a journey and brings back memories of how the whole project started and also brings back the emotions he went through whilst he was still working on it” Devour shared with excitement. Every Performer needs a stylist especially when going out to perform and Retrofontein Apparel takes care of Mochene’s wardrobe “Retrofontein styles Mochene mostly when he has performances, this doesn’t only make Mochene look good and hyped but it also helps both our brands to grow. It is a part of our marketing strategy and works very well. Our business relationship is healthy and working very well. This launch is a success and proves that we are growing as artistic people.”Retrofontein owner and founder, Kabel Tsoka shared.

“I first heard Sedibeng a couple of months ago and then I started following him. I have never heard a sound like his anywhere. The fact that he fuses chant with Rap got to me, as soon as he shared the download link of his EP, I didn’t even hesitate to download it. And it was so nice and I couldn’t miss the launch.” Mochene’s Fan, Mpho Mokwena shared while jamming to Mochene’s performance. ChantRap is a very nice EP; it sets a mood of happiness and a little bit of dance as well as chant. The content on the EP is a fusion of motivation and dance. Sedibeng, Modimo, Kgoshi and Never Fall will take you on a lyrical journey, a trip down Mochene’s view. The launch was successful; the EP deserves 4 stars out of 5. Be on the lookout for more work from Mochene by following him on his social media platforms. @Mochene_sa on Twitter, and @Mochene¬_sa on Instgram.