Fire Engine caught in the cross fire

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Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) firefighters once again found themselves having to flee away from angry mob in Katlehong. Firefighters from Zonkizizwe Fire station responded out to a structural fire call in their newly replaced fire engine in Sunrise section after the previous one was torched in the same vicinity in September 2016.

The crews who were escorted by the police on their way to the incident but couldn`t arrive to the intended destination as they were blasted with rocks by an angry community of Moleleki section and subsequently, both vehicles had to turn away for safety. Fortunately, no glasses on the fire engine were struck during the attack except that all five crew members were left with huge astonishment and fear. As per information on scene, communities from both Moleleki section and Sunrise view, had a dispute on service delivery matters. Concrete lamp poles were crashed down, wooden electrical power lines burnt down and power cable cut off and to worst case scenario, centralized water taps were broken down and thousands of litres of scares resource (WATER) wasted.

Of a great concern, is the caller who couldn`t get the service as requested and expected from Emergency Services due to rioting mob. DEMS department still pleads once again with everyone to please stop the attack on the personnel as there are better ways and means to address frustrations. The department has risen the flag of peace for everyone to see. Destroying the good today, will bring detrimental effects tomorrow. Bringing service delivery dissatisfactions to the attention of the relevant management is a better mechanism unlike taking the law into own hands