You doing it wrong

Article by: Keren Lerato Mabona

Are you still applying eyeliner the same way you did in middle school? Well, chances are you’re doing it wrong, really wrong. Most people go overboard with eyeliner and it ends up completely overpowers their eyes. Or, they line the inside rim of their lash line, which can make eyes look smaller. Plus, it causes eyes to tear up which makes your makeup look runny. But here’s the real kicker: You’re not supposed to draw your liner all the way across your lash line in one motion.

The pencil or brush will get caught on loose skin, making your line bumpy and gross (and I always thought it was because my hand was too shaky!). Well, how are you supposed to apply eyeliner then? The easiest way to apply it is with a brush. You can either use a gel formula or an eyeshadow. Start at the inner corner of your eye and draw a line to the center of your lid. Then reload the brush and start from the outside corner, connecting the 2 lines in the middle. This method also works with eyeliner pencils, just make sure you use one with smooth formula. With eyeliner, remember that less is more. Not everyone looks good with liner all around their eyes. Try just lining the upper lash line or only lining from the pupil outward (which creates a more wide-eyed effect). Experiment with what looks good on you.