Gauteng condemns all racist acts

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ANC Gauteng province condemns all racist acts at all institutions of learning and broader society

ANC Gauteng Province strongly condemn all incidents and actions of racism at all institutions of learning and broader society. We are saddened by the denial of access for English speaking children at Hoerskool Overvaal in Sedibeng, Gauteng. We are also saddened and disturbed by the incident of a farm murder of a black worker by a white security guard. We are confident that justice will be served in this case and other similar cases.

2018 has been declared by the ANC NEC as the Year of Nelson Mandela, the founding President of the country. It is at the start of the same year where a multinational company like H&M (located in various malls across Gauteng) produced an advertisement that was blatantly racist. These are publicly known incidents. We should work together to uncover other unknown and hidden racist actions. We congratulate all the law enforcement agencies for their swift actions against a number of racist actions within the province. We call for action against all racist actions and incidents. There should be no space for any racist in Gauteng province. The law should be applied to the letter without fear or favour.

We call on all Gauteng residents to peacefully unite against racism in all its manifestations. The important and noble national task of building a united, democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society continues. Many patriots sacrificed everything including the lives to build such a society. We remain committed to build a non-racial society. Down with racism!!! Forward with non-racialism!!!