Chief whip visits extension 10 informal settlement in Tsakane

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The ANC Chief Whip Cllr Jongizizwe Dlabathi accompanied by Ward 84 Councillor Bongi Sibanyoni and City's officials visited the community of Extension 10 Informal Settlement in Tsakane on Friday, 19 January 2018. This was part of his oversight responsibility on the implementation of government service delivery objectives to the residents of Ekurhuleni.

On his walk-about in the area, Cllr Dlabathi interacted with the occupants and further gave them an update on some of the government programmes that are meant to improve the lives of the residents of Ekurhuleni. "I committed to come and I came" Cllr Dlabathi told the residents.

A 58-year-old Thembi Joyce Xulu who suffers from a heart condition told Cllr Dlabathi that she has already applied for RDP house and her subsidy has been long approved, but she has not been allocated her own. However, she expressed her excitement that Chief Whip came to where they live to witness their living conditions.Another resident, 65-year-old pensioner Joy Magagula said she has been waiting for her house ever since she was moved from Makause Informal Settlement in Germiston, 2007.

Meanwhile, Cllr Dlabathi pleaded with the residents to be patient with the government processes as there are two Mega housing developments that are currently underway, Ext 22 in Tsakane and John Langalibalele Dube in Duduza, respectively. The John Langalibalele Dube mega housing project was launched late last year."I strongly believe that pensioners and those who are registered for houses in 1996 should be prioritised. We acknowledge the fact that the living conditions are unbearable, but, equally encouraged that the basic necessities such as clean running water and sewer system are being provided" "I have emphasised to the Ward Councillor to hold regular meetings to ensure that the community is kept informed about the developments" Cllr Dlabathi said.

The informal settlement is a residential area to more than 4000 households. The ANC Chief Whip honoured the visit after he was invited by the residents to come witness the living conditions in the area.Already, 177 families have been relocated to Ext22 and the rest will be moved to John Dube Langalibalele Mega project in Duduza in Ekurhuleni. The City's government is targeting to build 100,000 houses and more than 50 000 service stands in the next five years.A resident known as Linda said she's happy that Chief Whip has managed to visit the area and witness the living conditions."I hope that as he has come, things will move quickly and the elders will be able to get their houses on time. He has seen how people are suffering and some even ill"she said.