Illegal land invasion at Mayfield extension 10 in Daveyton halted by metro police shacks demolished

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Early- warning systems in place comprising of event detection means aimed at illegal activity of this nature enabled the metro police to thwart what could have resulted in an illegal settlement taking place at Mayfield Ext.01 (Ward36) in Daveyton.

Onreceiving the information about persons busy erecting shacks, the metro police swiftly organized themselves and proceeded to the location where any further invasion of the land and building of more shacks were stopped. Arriving on Monday (22 Jan) morning after being informed the previous night about the illegal land invasion, the Daveyton Precinct Commander, who had speedily put together a team which included precinct officers, traffic wardens and First Responder Unit members, swooped on the location.

Ten shacks found erected were demolished and all the materials confiscated and put in storage at the precinct station. Fortunately, there was no resistance from the group of land invaders. No injuries were suffered and no arrests were made.The metro police is monitoring the location closely to ensure that there is no resumption of the invasion and illegal shack erection.