ANC Ekurhuleni caucus welcomes the auditor generalís report

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The ANC Caucus welcomes the report of the Auditor Genera tabled at Council Chambers on Thursday, 25 January 2018, Germiston. It should be stated upfront that we are disappointed that we could not attain Clean Audit, given that this is our political commitment, which is also an integral part of clean administration and good governance. The ANC Caucus is concerned by the fact that there is a slight regression, comparatively on the audit outcomes and this is qualified by some of the following material audit observations by the Auditor General South Africa (AGSA), and this includes:

Material misstatement in our financial statements
The AGSA not being able to express an opinion due to lack of supporting documentation
Persistent non-compliance to Supply Chain Management processes and procedures
Lack of leadership in ensuring adequate and effective internal control systems; to name few

The Caucus urged the Executive and Administration to attend to these material findings. On the same note, we must equally tighten and ensure strong oversight and monitoring at the level of Council. If executed properly, all these efforts must result into improvement and take us the Clean Audit. The Caucus has confidence in this administration. It believes, strongly and it expects the City to perform better in terms of its Audit Outcomes moving forward.

On the same note, the Caucus welcomed the positive opinion in respect of our ability to deliver excellent and sustainable services to the people of Ekurhuleni. In this regard, it commends the great efforts by the Executive and Administration. Indeed, it is not all gloom and the Caucus prides itself that it presides over a responsive municipality.The ANC Caucus has committed to deliver excellent services to our people, coupled with a financially sound government. It further wants to send a strong message that unscrupulous activities resulting in the financial regression of the City must be attended to swiftly, with consequences.

The ANC Caucus, has declared zero tolerance to maladministration, fraud and corruption. Diligence and discipline must be the order of the day. The Caucus of the ANC has consistently reiterated that the commitment to ensure impactful quality services delivery, along with clean administration and good governance remains a standing commitment.