Daveyton's Young Agents of Change making great strides from a thrilling idea.

Daveyton's Young Agents of Change making great strides from a thrilling idea.

Article by: Nkosinathi Arthur Msibi

Young Agents of Change (YAC) is a social, entrepreneurship and educational organisation formed by young stars for other young people. It helps the youth of Daveyton to see problems Opportunities.

The inventors of YAC are not just the leaders of tomorrow - they are making huge changes to the world around them, right now. The organisation was established late 2014 by Scelo Masuku (21), and Sipho Thenjekwayo (17). Their organisation provides teenagers with the motivation to think creatively, build skills in Critical thinking and communication. They empower them to believe that they are good enough to be entrepreneurs, leaders and world changers.

These young stars are mainly platform builders. Their expertise in the past three to four years have been providing platforms for young people to exercise whatever skills they have. They recently hosted an event called Teens Connect, on 27 January. The the aim of the event was to link teenagers who are from all walks of life for an unexceptional goal and purpose.

They also have an event that they host annually called Youth Elevation that allow them to celebrate all they achieved as a team. Some of the projects they have organised over the past year include; teach A Child Independence project, where Young Agents of Change (YAC) together with a team of successful entrepreneurs visited schools in and around Ekurhuleni prompting leadership and entrepreneurship. Another one of their thrilling initiatives is a book drive called #HelpMeRead which aims to Highlight the importance of reading. They have collected over 1500 books last year, through Donors and distributed the books to orphanages and homes that need them. Through the events they host annually the organisation currently has 16 members and would like to increase this number by means of the different events they run within the Daveyton community.

The associate of YAC Hopewell Masango said the goal of YAC is to impact the youth of not only Daveyton but also surrounding townships through education, business and social development. "We want to see young people thriving and excelling in their desired field. We also want to instil the value of selflessness amongst young people and equip them with tools that will empower not only them but the next generation," he added. People can join the organisation by liking the Young Agents of Change Facebook page and leave them a direct message or alternatively e-mail themonyacagents@gmail.com.