Motheo Institute Trust

Where hopes and dreams are bound to be a reality

Pic by: Lerato Mafifi

Article by: Lerato Mafifi

The word "Motheo" means foundation in Tswana, a suitable name that speaks directly to the core mandate of what this institution is all about. Motheo Institute was first established in 2007 after a great need was identified within the community. A need for early childhood development, something that is often overlooked and regarded as not being important within the communities. Motheo's primary mandate is to provide early childhood development training, because that's where it all begins for every individual.

Through the establishment of Motheo Institute Trust lives have been changed and it now stands as a continental brand, stretching as far as Namibia and Uganda, it has achieved its success through one man's passion of early childhood development, Mr Rantsope "Rex" Molefe Director and Trustee of Motheo Institute Trust. Although Rex is qualified in early childhood development his passion for it was the driving force to start this initiative because he values and understands the importance of investing in early childhood development.

Students who enroll with Motheo for their training undergo a full intense 1 year course that sharpens them to be excellent early childhood development educators. "This training does not only equip you as an educator, however it also addresses the psychological need of the child as well as the educator" said Danisile Martha Lebenya who left her profession as a nurse and is now currently an early childhood development educator through Motheo. The beauty about Motheo is that it breaks all norms and has a zero tolerance for discrimination, all races and genders are trained through Motheo, it stands by the policy that people should be seen as a human race and not one of colour, this institution caters for everyone and stands on this notion even though it is a black headed institution.

Current and exiting students such as Jeremiah Ratau, Desiree Govender, and Francina Dibuseng Phiri attest to how this programme has changed their lives, they are now more knowledgeable about early childhood development to a point that they are implementing what they are taught in their homes as well as their communities. Former students such as Nomcebo Cebile Khumalo and Danisile Martha Lebenya are already employed and are zealous in changing the lives of young learners. One cannot train with Motheo and then later fail to make a difference, their passion for early childhood development leaves a great plea for the government to recognise this institution and the remarkable work it does. Registration is currently opened until the 28th of February 2018. Those who have a passion for early childhood development can visit their website