New year resolutions

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Article by: Lerato Mafifi

It's a standard norm that during the first month of every new year (January) everyone is suddenly hit with the epiphany of wanting to change their lives for the better. Conversations revolve around discussions of empowerment, health, finances, family, as well as all good things that have the potential of changing lives. While this is all well and good, it does however remain good talk and wonderful hopes and dreams if it is not put into action. Anything that is not cultivated and worked on remains dormant and stagnant, same applies with new year resolutions that are not put into practice.

Michael Mkwanazi is a fitness instructor by profession and he too can attest to the above mentioned theory. "In January alone hundreds of people flood to the gym to sign memberships as a new years resolution in order to take care of their health. However two months down the line the number has decreased almost by half if not more because people signed up under the mentality of having a new years resolution."

The same applies with finances, the importance of saving money suddenly dawns upon everyone and they then develop a committed attitude to handle their finances better by visiting their banks and committing to a savings plan. A couple of months down the line, old habits kick in and most people return to their ways of doing things. Resolutions are meant to direct us in a path that will improve us for the better, in whatever sphere of life we choose to tackle at that particular point in time. However it needs to be consistent in order for it to produce results.

Here are a few ways that can assist one to sticking to their new years resolutions:

Ask for support.
Develop an action plan.
Share your experiences with family and friends.
Start small, make resolutions that you will be able to keep.
Don't be too hard on yourself, try to do better tomorrow than you did the day before.
Seek support from those who've succeeded in that particular issue you desire to tackle.
Always ask for help where its needed, we can never know everything, be open to the fact that someone out there knows better than you do.