A standstill for The State of the Nation Address 2018

Article by: Bongani M Zitha

With only a day to go before the State of the Nation Address (SONA18) is to be delivered it has been postponed to a later date which is unknown yet. Opposition parties call for the state President to step down from his position and most importantly not to deliver his state of the nation address which outlines all the work that the governing party will embark on for the duration of the year.

There has been controversial behaviour surrounding the well awaited SONA throughout the years but never in the history of South Africa has it been postponed because of political uncertainty in the country. Clearly 2018 has started with a big bang for the citizens of the country as the political scene is all that is dominating the air waves and all other media platforms.

As this story carries on to unfold, we will take to the streets to find out how people feel about all this political uncertainty surrounding the country, because the voice of the people is very important as this affects us all in any shape or form.

As we took to the streets to find out how people feel about this political unrest, one youth member Ms Nokuzola Madonsela had this to say: "I honestly feel like our country is not functioning well and the governing party is not putting our interests and values forward, because this paints a bad image about our country as other countries are also watching this round about going on in our country." Other members in the street came to a consensus that, they feel as if the President should honor the citizens of the Republic and do the right thing by stepping down.