Technology in the music industry

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The advancement of technology in South Africa made everything to be more advanced especially in the music industry. When compared to how it was, the music industry has changed in a way no one could have ever imagined of, and this is because technology keeps evolving day by day and when technology improves, everything improves.

Cassper Nyovest, a famous South African Hip Hop artist was allegedly reported to be the one who took SA music to the level it is in now. He took Kwaito music and fused it with Hip Hop which created an interesting sound. Cassper is knownfor his hit songs, Destiny and Superman.

Besides Cassper Nyovest, we have many artists in South Africa who are playing a big role in improving S.A music because we now have international artists who are interested in featuring some of the South African artists.

We have seen Kwesta who featured an international artist by the name of Wale in his hit song song called “Spirit” and this is one of the examples that S.A music is now listened to internationally. We also have the likes of Nasty C who was featured internationally and also featured other international artists in his songs.