February, the month of love

Article by: Tshepiso

It seems like it has been forever waiting for February as it is that month where it is regarded as the month of love. Those who have partners are happy because it is that month where they will express their love to their loved ones.

Meanwhile, there are those who don't celebrate Valentine’s Day at all because they think that you don’t need a special day to show your partner that you love them. They believe that to them, every day is Valentine’s Day and if you love your partner, you will show your love to them every day and they take Valentine’s Day like any other normal day.

South Africans all over the country are ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day but each and every person has his/her own perception about Valentine’s Day. “14 February is for men to show that they love us by spoiling us with gifts and appreciation for us being in their lives”. Said Agreement Mushwana. Denis Rikhotso who calls himself Doctor Love said, “Valentine’s Day to me is a special day to go the extra mile and show those I love how much I care for them. It can be my father, friend or anyone close to my heart.”

Many people are saying it is useless to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you don’t have money because you have to spend and spoil your partner with gifts and presents but on the other hand others say you don’t need money to be in love.

We all know the phrase “Money cannot buy love” but others are disagreeing with the phrase by saying “Love is not enough” because it cannot pay the bills. People are encouraged to celebrate this month of love in a good way by taking care of themselves and not go out on dates with strangers they met on social media because they can be victims of rape and any other criminal activities more especially young girls.