No park for Phumula residents

Pic by: Precious Ngubane

Article by: Precious Ngubane

Parks are very significant part of any community. They have a large impact on the development of children and the happiness of everyone in the neighborhood. A park also allows people or residents to develop a sense of community, parks are perfect for a picnic. Events at a park also allows people or residents to develop and promote socialism in a community.

A group of young boys said “they feel unprivileged and isolated that they don’t have a park where they can come together as friends and also get to engage with other kids and play instead they have to walk to spruitview park to play there, when schools have closed, all they do is to play video games ,download music and games with their mobile phones most of them prefer walking to Leondale pool to swim all in the name of Phumula Park that is limiting them, They wish they had a park closer in their own community a park that was well equipped with trees, swings ,wood tables and stones, as well as bench chairs that would be enjoyed by all young and old.

The park has turned into a dice gambling spot and the youth are consuming alcohol, as for those who smoke nyaope it is a perfect refuge for them, it is no longer a friendly environment. The owner of Phumula complex shops wanted to build a warehouse at Phumula Park but the community never gave him a chance to even begin with building it. “Why would he want to build a warehouse where our children play and socialise I mean what kind of a community is this that doesn't have a park, he won’t attempt to build whatever he wants not in this community “said Thoko Mbiza. The park looks vandalized they had already began with construction work as it is seen that the park is covered with loads of river sand concrete, Mortar, Plaster and screed mixes use and unused.

Then residents took to the streets to protest their unhappiness demanding answers from Phumula councillor, most community members believe that the councilor had something to do with building of the warehouse at a park.”I mean Gilbert spoke with our councillor for this space the is no way that this man can't just wake up and decide am building something at the park without consulting our councillor it shows that our leaders still have a long way to go ,too much corruption”, said a member of the community.

Ever since the protest nothing has been done or any changes implemented at the park therefore it is no longer a park, because of the building material that is all over covering the park. The reason the community refused to have a warehouse they believe that something better should be built for the community .The area of Phumula doesn’t have a clinic or a library therefore it's either one of the two but not a warehouse. Since the park is no longer well-kept weeds are growing and the community is helping themselves to the free building material that is lying vacant with no supervision for their own personal use.