Leondale's high school dignity fades away

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Leondale high school has not been functioning well ever since the schools have opened. Last week the school held an urgent parents meeting to address parents about the school governing body (SGB) that wants to see the principal dismissed, not everyone was happy about the decision in that meeting, twelve parents volunteered to go to the district to launch a complaint and fight for the principal to continue running the school. It is reportedly said that few of the school staff and pupils want to see the principal dismissed due to her lack of respect and how she uses her power to her advantage.

On 02 February ,Friday morning pupils and teachers where seen making their way to school like any other day .The security managed to open the main gate but surprisingly the school Corridors and the office butlers refused to unlock . It is said that the locks were changed, meaning this was done overnight someone got into the school and changed all locks so that pupils and staff cannot have access to learning and the school to continue functioning. While everyone was still in shock and in disbelief one of the school teacher Mam Vilakazi's new Mercedes-Benz got stolen in the blink of an eye nobody saw how her car was driven out of the school. “We don't know what’s happening we got to school only to find the gates locked, we do suspect that the principal is behind all this chaos. Maybe she is angry that she is no longer wanted so wherever she is she believes that the school will not function without her “said the pupils. Teachers and pupils where seen returning back home in the early hours of 8:00 am.

While all the chaos and frustration was happening a school transport trying to avoid the chaos and pupils who were all over the road lost control of his microbus and crashed into a tree almost everyone got injured but fortunately nobody died. Ekurhuleni Emergency Services paramedics rushed to the scene. Makati Mkhize said “What I'm seeing her is a mess a huge disappointment, my son is doing grade 8 this year. My and I chose this School because ever since the school started in 2013 the school Matric results are excellent. I am literally disappointed that people would want the principal out of the school. There is so much great work that she has done in creating and building the school's dignity and name. She added one thing that am sure of, this school will never produce good marks once principal T Mabaso stops running as the School principal.”