A couple arrested for dagga estimated at R500, 000

Some of the dagga recovered at the suspected dagga factory

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On Friday, 09 February, the EMPD K9 Unit received information about a suspected dagga laboratory in Petit. With the assistance of the SAPS Drug Enforcement Unit, the EMPD K9 Unit was able to secure a search warrant to raid the premises of the suspected house.

Today (Mon, 12 Feb) around 3pm, both the EMPD and SAPS members swooped on the house on Willow Street and uncovered a huge quantity of dagga and various materials such as mushrooms used in producing of a variety of dagga products. Large quantities of dagga, cannabis oil, wax produced from dagga and dagga muffins were discovered found stored in bucket-size containers, boxes and bottles.

When approaching the house, the police saw a man running out of the house trying to probably evade arrest. The man was taken back into the house where a woman was found. The couple claimed ignorance of all the illicit substances in the house. They advanced the reason that the house was up for auction and were requested by its owner to occupy it while awaiting its auctioning. Their story was not bought by the police and they were arrested and detained at Crystal Park police station on charges of possession and distribution of dagga and dagga by-products.

The couple, aged 30 and 32, is expected to appear in the Benoni Magistrate's Court soon.