AEMPD operation fiela sweeps taverns in Germiston area

Police during Operation Fiela in Germiston

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The second phase of "Operation Fiela" which was recently re-launched in Gauteng - the first phase was launched in 2015 -commenced in earnest in Ekurhuleni on Saturday, 10 February by sweeping areas and places from which criminals operate, searching for undocumented persons and targeting wanted suspects.

On Saturday evening between 7pm and midnight, the Chief of EMPD, Isaac Jabulani Mapiyeye, spearheaded the joint operation comprising of both EMPD and SAPS members raiding taverns and all pre-identified problematic spots. "This crime-fighting programme will be relentlessly carried out to ensure that the city is made a safer place for all its citizens and those visiting and passing through it", Mapiyeye said. "Our presence must be both seen and felt by all and we shall ensure that the criminality space is drastically contracted", the Chief added. The Chief also gave a pep-talk to residents of all the areas raided imploring them to report crimes in their areas.

In Primrose, the suburb of Germiston including Makausi informal settlement on Pretoria Street, one tavern operating illegally was shut down and a 54yr old owner arrested with seventy-one (71) cases seized. In Germiston CBD at the corner of President and Odendaal Streets outside an old theatre, more than fifty (50) people found drinking in public were removed. The JJ pub on Meyer Street was raided whereupon over thirty (30) patrons were frisked and the place thoroughly searched. Thereafter, the Moon Sports Bar opposite the JJ pub was also swooped upon where the place and the patrons were searched. A 43yr old patron was found in possession of fifteen (15) ziplocks of dagga and was arrested. In Elsburg three taverns operating without a liquor license were shut down and their three owners aged between 44 and 61 were arrested.

All the confiscated goods and drugs were booked in and arrestees locked up at Elsburg, Primrose and Germiston police stations. They were expected to appear in court on Monday.