Two fraudsters dealing in motor vehicles nabbed

one of the two VW Golfs recovered in Soshanguve – Golf V

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On Friday, 09 February the EMPD Public Order Policing Unit was provided with information about men who were fraudulently selling suspected stolen vehicles. Information furnished included the modus operandi of the men and their accomplices.

The Public Order Policing Unit members followed leads given and on Saturday, 10 February, succeeded in tracing the pair to Soshanguve in Pretoria. Two suspected stolen VW Golf V and VW Golf VI were confiscated and two suspects arrested.

Preliminary investigations have revealed thus far two known victims of the fraudulent activities by the pair – one in Evander and the other one in Pietermaritzburg.

People selling their vehicles are either approached or called to set an appointment. Once all terms of the sale are concluded the seller’s bank account details and cellphone number are requested. A day or so later cash is reflected in the seller’s cellphone number and he or she releases the vehicle only to find out a day or so later that the transfer was a dud. By the time cases are opened the “buyers” have disappeared into thin air.

Both suspects, aged 27 and 34, were apprehended in Soshanguve in different sections with both the seized vehicles at one of the suspect’s place. The suspects were detained at Soshanguve police station and the vehicles towed to Pretoria West SAPS Pound.