Rough start up to the State Of The Province Address 2018

Pic by: Bongani M Zitha

Article by: Bongani M Zitha

The State of The Province Address 2018 (SOPA18) was delivered on the 26th February 2018 by Gauteng Premier Mr David Makhura. Shortly before the well awaited arrival of the Premier there was a bit of controversy outside the Gauteng Provincial Legislature precinct, there were 20+_ people who were wearing EFF and DA T.shirts which lead to them being identified as support members of those two political parties.

These members were picketing outside the Gauteng Provincial Legislature precinct while carrying placards written "Esidimeni, Makhura must account and amongst those placards others were written "ANC steals from the poor". The soppport members of these political parties were also singing songs like " We do not have fear about what we are doing". However the proceedings of the SOPA18 were not disrupted as these members were not able to enter the Legislature.

The picketing members were later on instructed to move away from the precinct by a member of the South African Police Service who was part of the security that was mandated to secure the Legislature for the SOPA18.

The placards clearly indicated that these EFF and DA members had an agenda but it is not clear whether or not a memorandum was handed to any official of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and or the Premier. Further means to get in contact with these EFF and DA members who were picketing were unsuccessful as they were disbursed from the precinct.