Makhura allays fears over e-tolls

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Gauteng Premier David Makhura has allayed fears of motorists over reports that the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (Aarto) Amendment Bill will see them losing their drivers licence over e-toll fines. Premier Makhura met with President Cyril Ramaphosa last week, Wednesday, 28 March 2018 to discuss e-tolls as promised in his State of the Province Address.

Makhura said his meeting with the President was productive. "The President has put in place a process that will deal with the issue of e-tolls and I am confident that we will find a solution that will satisfy all of us. "The process has started and the President himself is going to lead it. The Amendment Bill processes that are current underway started a long time ago...long before the new dawn," said Makhura.

Amendment Bill process started in 2013, with the AARTO Amendment Bill 2013 and was passed at the National Assembly in September 2017. Makhura urged residents not to panic and encouraged them to make their inputs during the ongoing public hearings regarding the Aarto Amendment Bill. Makhura reiterated that e-tolls have not worked.