ANC Ekurhuleni executive conducts visits to ensure service delivery

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As part of our commitment of ensuring proper accountability and oversight, the ANC Ekurhuleni Caucus Chief Whip Cllr Jongizizwe Dlabathi and EXCO/Whippery members embarked on site visits and monitoring to validate the progress of various projects that are currently underway in the City of Ekurhuleni, on Monday, 30 April 2018.

This was part of our strong oversight role to ensure that we deliver our commitment to build 100 000 houses, electrify all informal settlements and provides 59 000 service stands to the residents of Ekurhuleni. ANC Chief Whip Cllr Jongizizwe Dlabathi, Exco members and Whippery began by checking the progress of Human Settlement development in Leeuwpoort, Boksburg. The private and public partnership worth R8.9-billion housing development project is set to provide 22 000 houses over the next seven years.

The next stop was to visit EXT22 in Tsakane to inspect the living conditions. "The people are generally happy that they've received houses, however, the community registered their concern about the electricity connection. We are pleased to have received a report that Eskom is working on it and soon the residents of Ext22 will have electricity. We are also generally happy with the feedback that the people who applied for houses in 1996 have been considered for housing allocation." He said. The Ext 22 housing project is current on phase 3 and a total of 8000 housing units will be built. A 67-year old pensioner, Sarah Toba told Chief Whip that he was excited to have finally received the house after waiting for it at-least 22 years.

"From time to time when we interact with the residents, the issue of human settlement is registered as a major challenge, hence our visits. Furthermore, we don't want only to receive reports on paper during Council meetings but we want see physically whether indeed there's progress on the project so that we are able to say the work is being done. And ascertain ourselves as part of our strong political oversite whether we are in the right direction or not. John Dube Mega City Development, this mega project will result in 10 000 housing units being built. ANC Chief Cllr Jongizizwe Dlabathi has been assured that the local communities and businesses will benefit from this project. "The expected outcome in all the visit is to confirm that which is reported in Council that so many houses have been constructed and allocated. We want to see those developments with our eyes so that we can confirm" He said. The John Dube precinct development will include community facilities, education facilities including the World Class University, healthcare facility, commercial and industrial parks, regional mall and recreation. "The service delivery is not complete until the residents of Ext22 receive electricity and that what we are going to report in Council. We are further going to report slow allocation of houses to our people and we intend to put political pressure to ensure that we achieve our service delivery commitments as per our localized manifesto" Cllr Dlabathi said.

The progress report that includes EPWP will be issued on a monthly basis so that the City may be aware of the progress as far as beneficiation of the local residents is concern. The community of Ekurhuleni stands to benefit 30% of the project through business opportunities, employment and skills development. "We will keep on doing these sight inspections on human settlement, electrification and other important infrastructural developments in the city. Normally, these developments will be reported in Council but equally so, it important for us to have physical sense of these development hence these oversight visits to ensure quality service delivery and protect the taxpayer's money" Cllr Jongizizwe Dlabathi said. The last stop was in Ward 61 in Daveyton. Cllr Dlabathi registered his disappointment with main contractors and municipal official on the snail pace of completing the service stands. Last year September, through the Taking Caucus to The People's programme, ANC caucus visited the site where an assurance was made that the service stands will be completed by December last and ready for allocation. However, at the time of oversight visit only 450 service stands had been completed out of 950. During the visit, Chief Whip advised of the strong monitoring on allocation mechanism, with the strict focus on rightful beneficiaries of these service stands. He further advised that Human settlement must move faster with the allocation programme because our communities being frustrated with the slow development. "This is to avoid unnecessary tension with our communities because the sighs are now showing" He said. Recently, the backyard dwellers from Daveyton took to the streets demanding they should be allocated houses or service stands so they may be able to build for themselves.

In his visit, Chief Whip was informed that already there's some elements of corruption as other members of the community have begun allocating themselves and others even paid an amount R 4000 (Four Thousand Rand) to R12 500 (Twelve Thousand Rand) for them to be allocated these service stands. However, at this moment the department of Human Settlement is investigating all of these alleged reports. "We are interested on what is happening on the human settlement as one of our major pronouncement was the construction of 100 000 (One Hundred Thousand Houses) and 59 000 (Fifty-Nine) service stands" he said. "The ANC led government is very serious about Human Settlement and we'll closely monitor it on a regular basis the developments that are taking place. We also want to push for the acceleration of allocation of houses and verification of beneficiaries, especially the 1996 list so that they can be given a priority" he concluded.