Allegations of receiving kickbacks by a councillor

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The ANC Ekurhuleni Caucus welcome the decision of the Council Meeting held today (26 April 2018) of referring to the Ethics and Integrity the allegations of receiving kickbacks by the Councillor of the Democratic Alliance (DA). We especially noted, the conclusion of the forensic report that the BCEM contract from which the Councillor benefitted R1, 220 million was an inducement and represented "corrupt activity". Amongst others, the said Councillor bought a vehicle from the funds earned through the questionable contractual relation between the Councillor and the Developer (BCEM).

Furthermore, and as confirmed by the Developer, the Councillor enjoyed a holiday in Italy whose accommodation and other services were paid for by the developer's friend. The forensic report also pointed to the fact that these (gifts) were not declared as required by section 7 of the Code of Conduct of Councillors. Although we are not passing a judgement on the DA Councillor, we restate our commitment to fight against corruption, fraud and maladministration both the level of officials and public representatives, who in particular, must set the tone by uphold acceptable level of conduct.