Metro police officer accused of assaulting a female traffic warden is suspended

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The City of Ekurhuleni has moved swiftly to act against an EMPD officer accused of allegedly assaulting a female colleague. The incident, which has gone viral on social media, apparently took place at the Tokoza Metro Police precinct on Saturday. In the clip female officer can be heard pleading for help against the supervisor who is allegedly physically and verbally abusing her. It has been confirmed that she has registered a case of assault with the South African Police Service.

The Chief of Police has this morning (Wednesday, 09 May), served the alleged perpetrator with a suspension letter for the period of three (03 months) the implication of which is to enable investigations to take place without any hindrance. In the interim, the alleged perpetrator of the assault may not report for duty until investigations in the matter are completed. "The City condemns any form of abuse against women and other vulnerable members of the society. This matter is no different and we do hope to do a thorough investigation and get to the bottom of it as speedily as possible so that appropriate action is taken against the alleged perpetrator."