Karate puts Thokoza on the map

Pic by: Bokamoso Sehoole (Future De DJ)

Article by: Bokamoso Sehoole (Future De DJ)

Karate is a sport that puts ones focus on a straight line discipline. It is not everyday where a township has many karate centres where the community can train and one of the Senseis gets nominated. We interviewed Sensei Thulane Sibisi from Thokoza, he has worked his way up to be a nominee at the South African Men Of The Year Awards in the category of sports.

1.I believe it takes special energy to be in Karate, what made you maintain the consistency?

One needs to be disciplined and focused to maintain consistency. Karate has become my second nature, after work I know I must be at the dojo/club to motivate the coming generation in Karate.

2.Everybody has a story to tell about the ups and downs that one has faced in a career that they good in, when did it all start?

It started in the early 80s when my neighbour Oupa Moeketsi asked me if I donít want to train karate with him, after being motivated by a Bruce Lee movie at Pharagone Cinema in Twala Section. I thought it was a piece of cake, only to find that Kyokushin Karate it is a reality and there is no editing.

3.All programmes that contain violence in them leave a message at the end that says ďDonít try this at homeĒ, was it always about going against the phrase?

My Opinion has always being in our community, we canít be celebrating people who are negative or spreading laziness and hope for the future to reward the brave people. We need to encourage positive messages and hard work something that will build the future generation.

4.How many years it took you to be at the current level you in?

It took me more than 25 years, ups and downs when you drive more than 1000km to attend karate tournaments with 14 students inside the Quantum. After winning most prizes in that event, the great feeling of training students then they win, you canít explain the joy and pride you have inside as a karate instructor. The reality will kick in when you have to take crucial decisions with 14 of you sleeping in a taxi with all those injuries or you risk to drive back to Johannesburg while you are tired and canít afford the accommodation fee and you must buy food for all students. Majority of our students they depend on social grant from the government and we canít expect the family of 8 to pay R1800.00 for sports we also depend on donations and good Samaritan to assist the full contact karate.

5.What is compulsory about an individualís weight when he/she ventures into karate?

There is no compulsory, am huge bodied and most people they become surprised when I mention that am a Karate instructor.

6.How does the community get you to win the category you nominated in the South African Men of the Year Awards?

The community gets to vote and the voting lines closes on the 31st October 2017 and am so happy that the community recognises our work.

7.What are the wise words that you would like to mention to one Sensei that is on the come up?

My advice to the coming full contact karate is never allow negative people to influence you make sure you are surrounded by people that have the vision to grow full contact karate, be disciplined and have a strategy to work with community projects, always never underestimate people and have respect other peopleís opinions.