Jabulani Maseko takkie wash

Pic by: Precious Ngubane

Article by:Precious Ngubane

With the high unemployment rate, Jabulani who is business minded knew what he had to do to find a way or rather fend for himself. Time waits for no one therefore he couldn’t let life circumstances block his way and be tempted to adjust to the street life. As an older sibling he had to do something to put bread on the table.

Jabulani realised that waking up every day and wander around cannot help him to erect poverty and with unemployment, it has never been comfortable. He stays with his parents and his younger brother, and he has a small takkies business which he started a few months back and is based in Phumula. He hopes that his business grows and becomes recognized by not just the community but potential entrepreneurs.

“So far my business has not really come across major dilemmas that restrict me from washing takkies for my clients, the only perplex cases I face is the weather, in dusty ,rainy or cloudy cold days takkies don’t get to dry after wash “he said. He highlighted his best feeling which is seeing the clients happy and feeling satisfied. “The mission is to see a client walk away with a smile in that way, good rumours will spread all over the township and my business will grow “said Jabulani Maseko.