No limitations even for the unemployed

Pic by: Lerato Mafifi

Article by:Lerato Mafifi

Teboho Monaschy is a young black male who falls under the South African statistics of youth unemployment. In his quest to seek greener pastures Teboho has started a small business which he operates from the comfort of his own home in a small town in the Eastrand known as Spruitview.

It is an undeniable truth that youth unemployment affects all of us however when you have young people like Teboho who are determined to break the status quo one can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Monashcy Enterprise is the name that Teboho gave to his business in July when he started it. He sells happy socks, male underwear’s, pocket squares as well as bowties amongst many other things.

Like any other determined business man Teboho has big dreams to one day expand his business until he is able to employ young people who are also experiencing unemployment in our country. Unsung heroes are mostly those who do not sit and wait for opportunities to come knocking at their door but rather those that are like Teboho who go out there and find the opportunities to better themselves as well as those around them.

When opportunity avails itself it is only mandatory that both hands should be ready to grab it. It is imperative for the youth of SouthAfrica to come to a realization that hard work and determination pays off at the end of the day, a journey to success should be taken by all who are willing and able.