SIGO’S is beverage with a story to tell

Pic by: Ulande Kgotlelelo Moloto

Article by: Ulande Kgotlelelo Moloto

With unemployment rising amongst Kasie youth. Masego Moroane moved to Joburg from Rusternburg to study, but fate had something in store for him. He then bumped into two quotes which he thinks they really changed his life. The first one was the Sankofa symbol which means “Go back and fetch it “and the second one was “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” he realized that they are certain things he left in the past which may be useful and vital in the presence and future.

On the 11 of September 2017 Masego established a company, to him it was the realisation of his childhood favourite drink and for the fact that he can use it for business purpose.” I remember when I was a kid at my grandmothers, I and my friends would go to somebody else’s yard to steal lemons, we will find a place to hide in the mountain to enjoy our lemons” said Sigos. Now when he came to Johannesburg he searched and searched for opportunities such as joining a local Radio station, starting his own Blog, his YouTube channel, enrolling for a Degree in law at University of Johannnburg, realising spoken word CD called be Inspired and writing a book. With challenges that young people face everyday some of the projects never succeed but that didn’t stop him to “Go back and fetch it”. In the process of failing to achieve his projects this led to depression and suicide because of the situation at home.

All the issues he was facing on daily basis such as having to see his mom beg for money from a man who has been harassing her, coming to Johannesburg and having to sleep next to a couple that was having sexual intercourse, not having accommodation which led to him having to squat at one of the student accommodation, eating spoiled food for supper which made him sick, things got worse when he was chased out of the Res by the student Accommodation Manager. All this problems where according to the above second quote all he needed was lemons not to make Lemonades but “Sigos”Lemonade his favourite childhood drink. Masego said “The name Sigo’s derived from my name Masego however I believe Sigos it’s really not me is someone who is always on the move a dreamer and a doer”.

Currently his selling the original Lemonade in 330ML at the cost of R12 each soon to introduce Pink Lemonade. In terms of working he teamed up with a brother Oageng who helps a lot with production and activation. Sigos work on orders where clients contact from social media platform for deliveries. His motto is work hard, do well and stay humble. He sees Sigos a Beverage that will unapogetically tell a story.