Skin by Thobi

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Article by: Lerato Mafifi

Thobile Twala is a young lady who is so well informed about skin, a minute into a conversations with her left me being apologetic to my skin and how I've treated it in the past. It has become a norm that the black community is now starting to take care of their health just as much as the white community. Daily people are at the gym, some are taking their morning run in their respective communities while others are keeping themselves active with workout DVD's in the comfort of their own home.

However people need to come to a realisation that skin is as important as the body, it needs to be well nourished, respected and taken well care of on a daily basis. Thobile is a professional skin therapist who is qualified in her field both academically as well as experience. She is running her own private practice after she came to the realisation that the ethnic skin needs extra attention and we as the ethnic group are not well informed when it comes to that. "People need to understand that your skin is your identity, it is the first thing that a person sees and associates with you, it has the power to build your confidence or diminish it completely", said a well-informed Thobile Twala.

Thobile's passion is driven purely by her desire to educate both males and females about their skins. Lack of knowledge has a result of leading one into making uninformed decisions simply because one never knew. However with Thobile one can be guaranteed that they will be educated on their skin, as well as be advised on how to take care of it in a better way from there on. Ms Twala's skin advising sessions have taken her as far as Limpopo, Phalaborwa, and Umhlanga. "There are people who really need help out there concerning their skins and they just don't know what to do, many are using products that don't even work for them out of loyalty" said Thobile. She works with a couple of radio stations where she gives advice to listeners who call in about their skin and her Facebook page is "Skin by Thobi".

In the near future Thobile would love to be given a platform in schools to address the young teenagers on the importance of having a healthy skin so that they don't neglect it now and suffer the consequences tomorrow. All of Thobile's products are manufactured by her, and she is based in Spruitview in the Eastrand. She also does house calls on request. The passion and love she has for skin only leaves one asking themselves "Have I loved my skin enough to realise that it's not a part of me, but it is who I am."