Not a victim of his circumstances

Pics By: Lerato Mafifi

Article by: Lerato Mafifi

In life there are those who accept what's given to them, then there are those who take what's given to them and create a stepping stone to success out of it. Thabang Dlamini falls under the latter. Thabang is a 22 year old boy from Geluksdal in Tsakane. He is the oldest and followed by 3 other siblings, raised by a single parent, a mother who did all she could to educate her children. 3 years back after Thabang matriculated he struggled to find employment just like many other South Africans who cannot afford tertiary institutions, working was the only option he had, however things did not turn out as Thabang had hoped for.

He then refused to be a victim of his circumstances thus resulting in him starting a courier business in January this year. Flamboyant courier service "Thuma Mina" meaning "send me" has been in existence for 11 months to date. Using his relationship with the community, Thabang runs this courier service by using a bicycle as his only means of transportation. He helps collect groceries from the store on behalf of the community's senior citizens who are unable to do this for themselves. Other clients where Thabang renders his services include local hair salons, kota houses and a local laundry shop.

The 2 bicycles that this young man uses to run his business are no longer of a good quality. They are often broken because of the huge amount of strain. "It is my plea that I get someone who would be willing to mentor me on how to run this business. I would also like to plead with the readers to sponsor me with bicycles so that I too can help my fellow brothers and sisters who find themselves under the unemployed statistics of South Africa" said a humble Thabang Dlamini.

Thabang refuses to be an unemployed young person without a plan. The need to help his mother and siblings is what drives his passion for what he's doing. Nothing can stand in the way of a young man with a plan, a committed attitude and a zeal to make a difference. For those who are willing to assist Thabang in this regard, he can be reached on the following number 0604900319 as well as