Youth Employment is Essential

Pics By: Ponagalo Pearl Phoku

Article by: Ponagalo Pearl Phoku

An open land that once served as playing grounds for the youth of Buhle Park has now became the reasons some members of the youth now have food on the table. The land is being developed to build houses that will at some point help grow the community. David Mashiyane the C.L.O of the Quebec Trading CC which is responsible for this project says that the community was informed of the project before hand and that is the reason they opted to using most of the youth from the area to seeing this project through.

He says he is aware that this piece of land was used as a playing facility for the youth but also mentioned that this land was bought by a private company and that during a community meeting the community was made aware of such, however he says that this project is helping the unemployed though most of them do not stick around because of the work that the job entails which is referred to as hard labour.

He says this Project will go on for a while so the youth can in time use the salary to be able to move from place to the next as they continue on the journey to searching for permanent placements in other companies as this does not guaranteed them a permanent job. He further outlined that this project will at some point have a park for the youth to be able to engage in all sporting facilities.