University is not the only option

Article by: Ulande Kgotlelelo Moloto

The future is in their hands the truth is going to come out soon. There are plenty of choices, don’t lose hope.

It was few weeks ago when Matrics, University and College students were all likely to be heading towards exams. And we know it’s not just tough on them, exam time is tough on the whole family. The Department of Education provided study guides to help in preparation. As for the pupil who will get to apply at local universities, they must achieve 40% in three (3) subjects, one (1) to be their home language. Not all students will be successful, it will depend on how many marks you achieve but a supplementary examination is promised should you fail. Now that Only 3 weeks left to conclude their final exam thousands of them, most of whom are from poor background, to enrol at tertiary institutions to bring change in their families but parents are so worried that after all the effort, their kids have to find a way to enrol cause the government is saying there’s insufficient funds to provide free higher education to all who are unable to finance their own education.

“With the impossibilities that have been said whatever happens they should not give up. There are TVET colleges that provide quality education and skill development. TVET has produced professionals such as Boilermakers, engineers, Builders and welders.” the mentality of believing that best careers are in the university only needs to change its only a person who can bring the best out of it whatever the outcome of the exams go out there and register where you qualify.

Results will be announced on the 5th of January 2018.