Unemployment Statistics devastates the youth

Article by: Ponagalo Pearl Phoku

In September 2017 the first quarter of South Africa’s unemployment rate was said to have risen at 27.7% statistics proves this information to be correct, however this information has left even more of the youth in our communities devastated saying that this proves that fighting for education after high school is not as important as it used to be but rather a very controversial issue that sends a message that even with your highest qualification you will have to be at home and fighting the door that has been locked up for years in the name of no jobs are available.

Thandiwe Sibeko (30) who has recently started up her business in her parents’ home in Kwathema in the east side of Ekurhuleni, says the only reason she started her business simply because she was tired of spending money that she did not have in sending curriculum vitae’s on a daily basis only for her to be turned back and told that the unemployment rate has taken its fall in our country. Maseko says this was the only way she could fight back this statistics was to her salon. “This business came to mind mainly because women always want to look beautiful and the purpose was for me to contribute to them looking as beautiful as their want”.

Says Maseko as she continued to say that going to school is still important but we cannot overlook the fact that people are now stuck in jobs they did not study for because there are trying to make ants meat, she also continued to say that “reality is people are being under payed and made to work for less than what they should earn in the name of lack of experience” but had they been enough jobs within our country we would be far off like any other country that is providing for their countries.